Repairing Cracks

Cracks in a clay oven are normal, so there is nothing to worry about and you do not have to fill them every time they appear. But if you do want to fill a crack then it's just a simple case of using some spare clay/sand mix (or make up a small batch if you don't have any left) and fill the crack.

If you then use a sponge float to smooth over the repair, you can make a very neat and tidy job.

Around the flue is a common place for cracks to appear.

This is the spare mix that I had left over from building the oven.

Place a small amount of mix into a bucket and add some water (not too much).

This is the consistency that you are after. Just wet enough so it can be pushed into the cracks but not too sloppy.

Push the mix into the cracks and smooth over with your hands.

In my opinion these are essential!
A sponge float can be used to obtain a nice smooth finish. Dip it in water first and off you go.

Rub the sponge float over the repaired crack to help the area blend in with the rest of the oven.

As good as new.